• Computer Room

    Teachers’ data center helps teachers to update themselves, prepare questionpapers and record data of students.

    Knowledge center for students keep them informed of the fast paced changes in the computer world. We want to nurture the creative and innovative minds of our students to enable them to explore new realms in the computer arena.

  • Science Lab

    A student’s inquisitive mind is not satisfied easily. Doing things practically is one way of satisfying his/her curiosity. Our science laboratory helps our budding scientists to apply the theory learnt in the class in practice by letting them perform the experiments themselves.

  • Smart Board

    In this digital world it is apt to have a smart board to teach students. Smart boards are installed in each and every class room. Incorporating Smart Boards to the classroom environment is likely to change the way teachers impart knowledge to the students and at the same time simplify the learning process. Subjects that students usually consider ‘dry’ are made lively by actually viewing it on a big screen through e-sense. Audio visual aids help students to watch, learn and enjoy all topics. Students find it easy to engage with lessons and gain a better understanding of the overall lesson. We are constantly updating lessons to give the best exposure to our students.

  • School Hall

    We have Fr. Juze Memorial hall on the third floor of our school building. Elocutions, seminars and workshop for students, teachers and parents are conducted here and they constitute an important part of the school curriculum.

  • Playground

    The playground is an essential part of a school. Mental and physical development is quite necessary for the wholesome development of a student’s personality.These days with little or no play area and time as well, we have ensured that our children do not miss out on it at school also. We have a playground where students enjoy playing different games like basketball, football, skating and so on. We conduct our school assemblies and mass drills too on the ground.

  • Extra - Curricular

    Spell Bee, Olympiads in English, Math, Science and Cyber, Elocution and many other activities conducted by the school help to bring about anintellectual development of the student. Our budding sports stars are trained by reputed coaches from the different sports categories like football, basketball, skating etc.throughout the year. Training of students in music and dance by a reputed teacher is also taken care of. Extra- curricular activities are an essential part of our curriculum as it contributes not only to the growth and development of the child but also reinforces discipline.

  • CCTV Cameras

    The first responsibility of every school is the students’ safety. We at Dominic Savio Vidyalaya have ensured that the entire area of the school is covered with CCTV cameras
    1) To prevent or identify unauthorized intruders who enter the premises thereby providing security.
    2) To prevent any untoward incident from taking place.
    3) Helps enforcing discipline.
    4) Helps to monitor and prevent bullying amongst students.
    5) Keep parents mind at ease about school security and environment.

  • Art Room

    Art room utilizes the medium of art to empower children. We believe that it helps students to express ideas through art and stimulates personal growth.

  • sports room

    A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand. Sports activities increase the mental alertness of every child whatever the sport may be. It also helps in complete development of the students personality. Students are taught to play in the true spirit of sportsmanship. We have indoor activity like Chess which is a game of skill and outdoor activities like Basketball and Cricket which are team events.

  • Nature club

    Nature club creates awareness, motivate and educates students about environment conservation. We also conduct field trip activities to encourage students to spend more time communing with nature. Gardening activities teach students how to tend to and cultivate plants.

  • Library

    Library plays a very vital role in the lives of students, as it develops their skill for reading. The library is not a mere store house of resources. It turns frequent readers into a resourceful person.