About Our School

About Dominic Savio Vidyalaya

Dominic SavioVidyalaya had its beginning in a remote corner behind Pantnagar Post office, amidst the hutments at the hands of Late Fr. Juze D'Souza. It was in the hutments, Fr. Juze started the classes for the tiny tots of Pantnagar Colony in 1972. Later in 1974, he procured the present school plot and laid the foundation for the school building and a prayer hall. Due to his constant efforts, Dominic SavioVidyalaya got the permanent recognition of the Government of Maharashtra in 1976 and thus became a full-fledged school for the children of the vicinity.

This fine institution is a constant reminder of the values and tradition of the community. The inherent motto of the school which strives at character building and upholding of moral values, is the guiding spirit of our lives and the vibrant pace setter of our educational life style.

At present the school has three divisions in Std. I to Std. X

Our Past

Management History

These are the People Who Made Dominic Savio Vidyalaya one of the best School in Ghatkoper. and they have a big part in growth of the School

Managers years Head Master Years
Managers years Head Master Years
Fr.Juze D'Souza 1970-1980 Fr. Anthony D'Souza 1978-1980
Fr. German Lemos 1980-1987 Fr. Luis Pereira 1980-1986
Fr. Vincent D'Souza 1987-1988 Fr. Frank Fernandes 1986-1991
Fr Anthony Mendonca 1988-1993 Fr. Phillip Gonsalves 1991-1996
Fr. Donath D'Souza 1993-1999 Fr. Michael Pinto 1996-2002
Fr. Brian Fermandes 1999-2006 Fr. Magi Murzello 2002-2008
Fr. Elias D'Souza 2006-2012 Fr. Marshall Lopes 2008-2010
Fr Paul D'Souza 2012-2014 Fr. Michael Tuscano 2010-2014
Fr Nelson Saldanha 2014 - Fr. Philip D'Souza 2014 -2018
Fr Nelson Saldanha 2014 - Mrs.Patricia Crasto 2018 -